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Montreal city photo


Montréal is MY city and I take great pride in it. The Psicobloc Open Series was born here in 2018. Rich in cultural history as well as the best European-inspired food, sports, fashion, arts, and entertainment this side of the Atlantic.


From day time raves to early breakfasts, birdwatching to sun bathing on a rooftop hotel pool, to drinking ice cold local brews (about 200 of them) to driving through mountain roads lined with 500 years old maples, or kissing on a Ferris wheel at midnight...Montréal has it all.

Montreal city panoramic view

Montréal. Dream and be taken away from your current place to a magical encompassing world scape of music, arts, culture, and gastronomy. Montreal is a culinary epicenter. There are more restaurants in Montreal, per capita, than in any other city in the world. 

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